Review Policy

I am happy to read and review books for publishers, but I would appreciate you reading my guidelines before sending me a request via email.

I am happy to consider books of any genre for review, but I am more likely to consider books that fall into one of the following categories:


  • classics or “forgotten classics”, such as those from Persephone Books, Virago Modern Classics, etcetera.
  • literature written by women, authors from countries other than Europe or North America, or POC: I try to make a conscious effort to include books from authors who have been marginalised in the traditional canon/world of literature.
  • (European) literature in translation: As much as I love English literature, I enjoy reading books from different countries that were originally written in translation. [Note: Each year I host a “Month of Dutch Literature” on the blog, so if you write, translated, publish a work translated from the Dutch, I’d love to receive information].
  • Young Adult: I love Young Adult books, particularly books exploring dystopian societies, but also paranormal, fantasy, or “contemporary” Young Adult that deal with complicated issues and isn’t afraid to discuss them. Additionally, I enjoy Young Adult books about music.
Non Fiction:
  • History: In particular nineteenth or twentieth century history. My favourite topics cross-reference gender studies, European history, (post)colonialism, and literature.
  • Literature: What reader would dislike a book on literature or reading?
  • Gender: Both more theoretical works and case studies.
  • Religion/Culture: in particular cross cultural or interreligious encounters. Please note that I am not a religious or Christian person myself, and so will not accept spiritual self-help or guide books for review. I do however enjoy learning about different lifestyles, and perspectives on religion, as well as lived religion.
  • Music: I am not an expert on music, but I do enjoy listening to bands and finding out more about the meaning of music to individuals, several developments in pop/rock/alternative music, and sometimes band biographies.
  • (Auto)biography and memoirs: I enjoy this genre, but understandably I am selective when it comes to which topics these books tackle. I am more likely to be interested in a memoir or biography that is related to one of the above topics.

I do not, at this time, accept self-published books for review.

You can contact me by sending an email to irisonbooks [at] gmail [dot] com, or by clicking the email icon in the sidebar. You could also send me some information through twitter, but I am likely to ask for an email if I’m interested.

What can you expect if you send me a review copy?

If I accept a book for review, I will read it. Please note that I cannot always guarantee that I will post about a book on its release date. If you want me to post on a book within a certain time, please tell me in your email so I can give you an honest answer as to if this is possible. Also, while I do read all review books that I receive, I would like to note that it is possible I do not like it enough to finish reading. In that case, I either write a DNF post or email the author or publisher to let them know why I couldn’t finish a book and where they’d like to go from here.

I would also like to note that I in no way claim to be a professional reviewer. My posts are more personal reflections than reviews, and sometimes refer to personal experiences or previously read books. I always try to give constructive arguments for why I did, or did not, like a book. If I did not like a book, I will not lie about it, and so I might post a negative review. However, I do try to note why the book did not work for me, and for whom it might work, so as to give readers an opportunity to decide whether this is a book for them or not. If you want to get a general idea of my style of posts, feel free to browse my blog.

This blog is my main page, and when a review appears I will publish it on twitter and facebook. I also have a GoodReads, as well as a LibraryThing, account, so if you would like me to cross-post to these sites, please let me know.

If I have received a book for review, the post about the book will state where I have gotten the book from. If a post does not include a statement on where the book is from, I have either bought it, or have it on loan from a friend or the library.

One thought on “Review Policy

  1. Nicci Praca

    Hi Iris,

    I’ve been introduced to your blog via Stu Allen who is going to interview the last of the great contemporary Dutch Writer’s Cees Nooteboom for your Dutch Literature Month.

    I just wondered if you’d liek to be put on our mailing list. I’ve looked at your criteria and think our books will be to your liking.

    Check out the web-site and let me know.

    Yours Sincerely,


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