E.M. Delafield

The Complete Works of E.M. Delafield [project]

Having only read Consequences, I was so impressed by it that I really want to read more by Delafield. I may even go as far as to say that this one book convinced me that I want to explore her whole oeuvre.

List based on the wikipedia entry to her name and the kind help of Marie Cooper in the comments.

[I] denotes owned
[B] denotes read

  • Zella Sees Herself (1915)
  • A Perfectly True Story
  • The War Workers (1918)
  • The Pelicans (1918)
  • Consequences (1919)
  • Tension (1920)
  • The Heel of Achilles (1920)
  • Humbug (1921)
  • The Optimist (1922)
  • A Reversion to Type (1923)
  • The Sincerest Form… (1924?)
  • Messalina of the Suburbs (1924)
  • Mrs Harter (1924)
  • The Chip and the Block (1925)
  • Jill (1926)
  • The Entertainment (1927)
  • The Way Things Are (1927)
  • The Suburban Young Man (1928)
  • What is Love? (1928) (US title: First Love)
  • Women are Like That (1929)
  • Turn Back the Leaves (1930)
  • Diary of a Provincial Lady (1930)
  • Challenge to Clarissa (1931)
  • House Party (1931)
  • The Provincial Lady Goes Further (1932)
  • Thank Heaven Fasting (1932) (US title: A Good Man’s Love)
  • To See Ourselves (a play, 1932)
  • Gay Life (1933)
  • General Impressions (1933)
  • The Provincial Lady in America (1934)
  • The Bazalgettes (1936)
  • Faster! Faster! (1936)
  • As Others Hear Us: A Miscellany (1937)
  • Nothing is Safe (1937)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen in Victorian Fiction (1937)
  • Straw Without Bricks: I Visit Soviet Russia – (1937)
  • Three Marriages (1939)
  • The Provincial Lady in Wartime (1940)
  • No One Now Will Know (1941)
  • Late and Soon (1943)
  • Love Has No Resurrection (1939)
  • The Brontes, their lives recorded by their contemporaries (1935)

3 thoughts on “E.M. Delafield

  1. Marie Cooper

    Just to let you know that you are missing a couple of books from your list: House Party (1931) andTo See Ourselves (a play, 1932). And just so you know, First Love is the US title of What is Love and A Good Man’s Love is the US version of Thank Heaven Fasting. I am also a fan (obviously!) and have all of her books save only the The Sincerest Form and the short story A Perfectly True Story. Happy reading! She is a marvellous author. Marie

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you so much! I am not in the US, so the chance that I encounter the US titles is very small, but it is good to have a more complete overview. Thanks for the three added titles as well. This means I have even more to read by Delafield, which is wonderful news.

  2. Marie Cooper

    And you also missed General Impressions (1933). That’s now the complete list as far as I’m aware! Marie


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