Dorothy Whipple

The Complete Works of Dorothy Whipple [project]

I discovered Dorothy Whipple through the reissues of her novels published by Persephone Books. Having only read 2 when I started this project, I appreciated her style and social commentary enough to want to continue reading all her works.

[I] denotes owned
[B] denotes read

  • Young Anne (1927)
  • Greenbanks (1932)
  • High Wages (1932)
  • They Knew Mr.Knight (1934)
  • The Priory (1939)
  • They Were Sisters (1943)
  • Because Of The Lockwoods (1949)
  • Every Good Deed (1950)
  • The Other Day: An Autobiography (1950)
  • Someone at a Distance (1953)
  • Wednesday and Other Stories (1961)
  • Tale of Very Little Tortoise (1962)
  • The Smallest Tortoise of All (1964)
  • Little Hedgehog (1965)
  • Random Commentary: Books And Journals Kept from 1925 Onwards (1966)
  • Mrs.Puss and That Kitten (1967)
  • On Approval
  • After Tea

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