Dutch Literature in Translation Review Database

As part of the annual Dutch Lit Month held on this blog, I have set up a database of posts & reviews written about Dutch literature (in English).* It was set up as a central place that enables people to browse for potential titles they would like to read if they are curious about Dutch literature, without having to endlessly google book blogs in the hope of finding the often sporadically available reviews of Dutch books.

You can go to the database of Dutch literature in translation here.

You can also add your own links:

If you have written a review of a Dutch literature title, and have written said post in English, then please feel free to enter the details by filling out this form.

I have included four required questions (Title, Author, URL, Blog) and have provided a number of others based on which I hope to provide a better overview of what is available, including questions on genre, themes/setting, and the author profile. The latter questions are not mandatory.

By filling out the form the details will be entered automatically to the database. If you wish to make any chances after filling out the form, please contact me.

* My definition of Dutch literature is contained to books written in the Dutch language. The Dutch language is taken as larger than that spoken in the Netherlands, and may encompass Flemish, or books from the former Dutch colonies that were written in Dutch. Literature can be understood to include both fiction and non-fiction, and books for all ages, ranging from children’s picture books to adult literary fiction.

3 thoughts on “Dutch Literature in Translation Review Database

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  2. Julie Lydall

    Hi, I wondered if you know if Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book has been translated into Dutch? I am trying tot get hold of a copy for some Dutch friends.
    Thanks for your help – great blog you have – Julie

    1. Iris Post author

      Yes, it appears to have been translated with the title “Zomerboek”. It’s available on a Dutch bookseller site quite cheaply, but I am unable to find it on amazon. You can email me or message me on twitter for the web address if that’d be of any help.


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