This weekend.. I managed to read!

I finally finished a book this weekend..

Moominvalley in November

Moominvalley in November by Tove Jansson

I thought it was my first book of February, but apparently I had finished reading Indigo’s Star at the beginning of this month. So perhaps my reading slump is not as bad as I imagined it? It has nothing to do with the books I am reading, btw, but everything to do with lots of other things taking over my life at the moment.

However, I am hoping that this will actually foreshadow a return to reading and blogging🙂

More soon..

5 thoughts on “This weekend.. I managed to read!

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    I hope the lots of other things that are taking over your life are doing it nicely! Hope it is a nice takeover. Either way I am always happy to see your posts coming up in my Google Reader, and I am excited to hear what you thought of Indigo’s Star. I hope you loved it; it’s my favorite in that series.

  2. Elena

    Isn’t it great when you’re back to reading and eager than in months to pick up a book and just spend the evening reading? Glad to have you back, Iris!

  3. helen

    I too hope those other things are lovely things, Iris. I feel as if I have recently come out of a reeeeallly long reading slump and it’s such a great feeling to be wallowing about in books again like a pig in a big old puddle of mud. I hope you get back to the pig state – as it were, I don’t mean there’s anything actually piggish about you! – very soon but if it takes a while, don’t worry, you’ll get there.

    Did you enjoy Moominvalley in November? I don’t think I’ve read that one. I’d love to know your thoughts, if you have the chance…


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