The TBR Project 2014

Last year, I took a somewhat different approach in my mission to reduce the TBR pile. Even though I did end up reading a book for every letter of the alphabet on my TBR pile, the idea became too restrictive as time strolled on. Plus, let’s face it.. 2013 might be the year I added the most books ever to my shelves, what with visiting England often and going crazy at the charity shops.

This year, I am taking the more old-fashioned approach. I am setting out to read 50 books from my own shelves. This may not seem a lot, but given that I expect not to have that much time for reading this year, plus knowing I have a ton of review copies to catch up with come February, I think 50 books is actually quite a high number. Lucky for me, I can strike 3 books off the list so far. (3 books read and it is already past the halfway mark of January – when did my reading become so incredibly slow?)

You can find my project-in-progress page here.

Are you planning to tackle your TBR pile in any particular way this year?

17 thoughts on “The TBR Project 2014

  1. Lu

    I’m trying to do this as well! I have 75 that I am trying to at least start this year – so if it’s not doing it for me, I can DNF it and get rid of it. Which I’ve already done for one book! I’ve also read 2 and I’m reading a 3rd now. I’m feeling pretty good about it – 75 feels like an actually manageable number.

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  3. Belle Wong

    50 is a great number! I really really should tackle my TBR. I thought last year I hadn’t acquired very many new books, but I’d forgotten about ebooks! So now I have both a physical TBR stacked way up high on my closet shelf, and a virtual TBR on my Kindle and my Kobo apps.

  4. sharkell

    I try to read every second book from my tbr pile. Theoretically this should reduce the size of the pile but even with this practice, I seem to add more books each year – I must stop buying books!!!

  5. aartichapati

    I think 50 books is really quite high! I want to work harder to reduce my TBR pile, too, though I am pretty bad at that. I don’t actually know how! I don’t think I bought very many books at all last year, but I did go big at the library, which can always be dangerous. And most of the books I’ve read this year so far are library ones, too. But hopefully I get a bit better at the reading my own books thing…

  6. Melinda

    I like that challenge, because that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I put in my resolutions that I am reading more of my OWN books this year and accepting only 1 book per month for review. Of course staying away from Netgalley is a big part of that. Good luck Iris!

  7. buriedinprint

    Good luck! I aimed for 48 last year, but I didn’t make it. I did so the year before – just! – so I thought it was realistic, but it depends which temptations squeal the loudest, and I am an easily distractible reader it seems. In any case, I hope you find many new bookish favourites in your reading year ahead!

  8. Vasilly

    I have a similar goal when it comes to my tbr pile. I think of it this way: depending on the type of bookcase you own, 50 books is one or two shelves worth of books you’ve completed. That’s a lot.🙂

  9. Bina

    That’s a great way of going about it, I think! And 50 seems a lot to me🙂 Maybe if you end up finding the choices too restrictive as the year closes, you could swap them for others from the tbr. I’ve been moving around too much in recent yers and so most of my physical tbr is back at my old room at my parent’s (e.g. the library🙂 ), and I’m not allowed to accumulate too many new ones, so no problems at that front.

  10. Maryom

    50! Wow. I’m hoping to clear my TBR pile a bit but was hoping for one a month in between review books. Apart from having determined to take some time out for ‘my’ books, the only plan behind it is to NOT borrow so many library books but to read those I have! So far I’m a bit ahead of myself – with one off the old pile read, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and two of my new Christmas books – Martin Cruz Smith’s Stalin’s Ghost and Marcus Sedgwick’s Blood Red, Snow White.

  11. dastevensish

    50 sounds like an admirable number to me! I’d like to make sure I get about that many off my physical piles too. I hope to read more than that, but I just know my weakness at the library, so there’s no way I can stick with just reading books I already own. I feel like my reading is off to a really slow start too–but what I’ve read has been good, so I’m not complaining! In fact, with yours and Ana’s LAR month, I can now pretty much be assured that January will always be a good quality-wise reading month!🙂


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