It is January & thus it is Long-Awaited Reads Month

Due to some personal circumstances (which appear to be completely okay right now) I have not been very present in the blogging world. So, first things first: I wish you all a wonderful and very happy 2014! 

Being absent also meant that I never got to post about the beginning of Long-Awaited Reads Month. An event that is well under way, it already being the 11th of January.

LAR Button Final

As I wrote in an earlier post, the rules for this event are simply:

  1. Read books you’ve been excited to read for a long time but never seem to get to in January. You can do this exclusively for the whole month (my approach), you can do it for just one week, or you can simply try to get to one or two of these books in January. Your level of commitment is entirely up to you!
  2. If you’re taking part, you can come back to one of the posts about Long-Awaited Reads Month on the blogs of Ana or me and leave us a link to a LAR-related review; you’ll then be entered in a giveaway for a book you’ve always wanted to read that is up to $15/€11/£10 on BookDepository (open worldwide).
  3. If you want to talk about the event on Twitter, the hashtag is#LARMonth.
  4. Have fun!

Personally, I have not had a lot of time to read this month. However, I did finish Eva Ibbotson’s The Secret of Platform 13, and am currently in the middle of John Green’s Looking for Alaska and Frances Hardinge’s Fly By Night.

Have you read or started reading anything for Long-Awaited Reads Month yet? Are you enjoying it?

9 thoughts on “It is January & thus it is Long-Awaited Reads Month

  1. Elena

    Happy 2014, Iris! It is super nice to have you back🙂 I should join one of these read-alongs or challenges that tackle that ever-growing pile of TBR books on my desk to..

    I’m really happy everything is working personally for you so as to not to be present here, though. Maybe you’ll share the news with us?🙂

  2. dastevensish

    I hope the rest of your year remains worry-free, Iris! And not only that, but ridiculously happy and rewarding as well!😀
    Hooray for Looking for Alaska! Are you loving it to pieces?

  3. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Happy 2014, lovely Iris! I hope whatever the personal circumstances, that they are finished and better and you and your people are all as happy as clams. I read two books for LAR and scheduled the posts — hooray! Such a good bloggy event.


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