War & Peace Carnival: December 26 — December 31, 2013

War and Peace Carnival

We made it through a year of War & Peace and we want to celebrate! Even if you didn’t finish the book or you finished ahead of time or you read it 25 years ago, we want you to celebrate with us at the War & Peace carnival.

From the week of December 26-31, we hope you’ll post about something relating to War & Peace and the country it takes place in. This can be anything! You could make a Russian recipe, watch one of the movie versions of War & Peace and review it, review another Tolstoy book, review a Russian restaurant, read and review a nonfiction book that takes place during the time period, write a poem celebrating the fact that you finished (or couldn’t!) anything! We hope it will be a fun time!

You can post anytime during that week and link back up here or at Amy’s site. (we’ll both be hosting the same Linky so no worries, everyone will see your link!) We’ll also remind you again closer to the time, but we wanted to give you plenty of time to plan something out.

We hope you will consider participating, and that, if you are reading along with us, you will enjoy the final sections of War & Peace!

9 thoughts on “War & Peace Carnival: December 26 — December 31, 2013

  1. buriedinprint

    Congrats on finishing. When I read it a couple of years ago, I rented the older BBC version (70s) afterwards and had a few giggles at the somewhat over-the-top-ness of the acting. But I’m sure when I watched it as a girl on television, I would have been swept away by its glamour and style. I’ll enjoy vicariously observing the celebrations in this event!

    1. Iris Post author

      Ooh, that might be a fun thing to do! I think I only own a similarly old version of Anne Karenina though. I was thinking perhaps I’d watch the movie about Tolstoy that came out a couple of years ago?

  2. Erin (Erin Reads)

    Oh man! So didn’t realize this happened this year. I got about halfway through with another year-long readalong a couple of years ago and have always meant to finish. Someday!

    1. Iris Post author

      It is a tough book to stick with, I found. It really was organising a read along with Amy that pulled me through. You are aleways welcome to join in the Carnical though. Perhaps it might inspire you to pick up the book again (or make you decide not to bother, which is also fine).

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