Shelf Selection September

I fear I am in the mood for classics at the moment. However, I do wonder how long that will last?

As promised, I also pictured War and Peace (though it is rather a confrontation having that in the picture – knowing how behind I am at the moment)

And yes.. I realise that there is one big gap where there should have been RIP VIII titles. I had been so excited about composing the reading list, for, I think, the past month or so? But right now I feel completely uninspired. Instead, I stare at my shelves and wonder whether the books I’d like to select are not actually more suitable for Once Upon a Time. We’ll see. I will try to sign up by next week. I hope you don’t mind two book list thingy posts close together.

–  –  –

Shelf selection is a monthly post where I share what I plan to read from my shelves that month. It is an attempt to recreate the excitement I often feel when listing library finds but instead focuses on my own library, which has way too many unread books in it.

15 thoughts on “Shelf Selection September

  1. heavenali

    ooh lovely lovely books, I haven’t read that Irene Nemirovsky though I have some of her short stories in a Persephoe edition. I loved My Cousin Rachel and The Home Maker and have read Shirely twice although it has been many years. Enjoy your September reading.

  2. didibooksenglish

    Well I’m thoroughly thrilled by the looks of your pile. I’ve been dying to read War & Peace. Hope you’ve bought a good translation. As for Suite Française, it was fantastic. Brilliantly told! Basically I’m interested to hear what you have to say on all of these.😀

  3. Charlie

    You sound a bit like me – phases of wanting to read classics? If that’s so, my advice is read as many as you can now! Two book lists actually sounds pretty appropriate with autumn arriving soon, challenges and plans for the end of the year.


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