Library Loot: June 2013

I am trying not to tempt myself with library books, but it is hard! This time I only picked up my holds, most of which I requested for Dutch lit fortnight.

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Boven is het stil - Gerbrand BakkerBoven is het stil (The Twin) by Gerbrand Bakker

This one is for one of the read alongs during Dutch lit fortnight. I started it and am 40 pages in at this point. I wonder how I’ll end up liking this one. It takes some concentration, but does seem to be beautifully written. I cannot decide, even 40 pages in, if “The Twin” is an adequate translation of the title. Actually, it is in no way similar, but I can see how the story is, or is about to turn into one that is, about both things.

De zwarte met het witte hart - Arthur JapinDe zwarte met het witte hart (The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi) by Arthur Japin

Another one for a Dutch lit fortnight read along. I was a little surprised to see the page count on this one (416 pages for my Dutch edition), but I was promised that this is a very interesting book: two West-African princes who are kidnapped and brought to Holland, this book supposedly discusses colonialism in-depth. Perhaps this might explain its Dutch title, which is ‘The black one with the white heart’, literally translated. One does not wonder why it was changed when published in English.

Rituelen - Cees NooteboomRituelen (Rituals) by Cees Nooteboom

Will this be the year I finally read this classic by Nooteboom? I have read a collection of travel stories and a short story collection by him before, but never the book. Or at least, that is how I think of Rituals. I hope I like it! And hey, an actual literal translation of the title for this one! Plus, it is short, so perhaps I might actually get it read before the first half of June. I do hope so as I am hopelessly behind with planning Dutch literature stuff.

Cinder - Marissa MeyerCinder by Marissa Meyer

I put this on hold at the beginning of the Once Upon a Time Challenge. That hold came in now. I hope I will be able to get to this before the OUAT challenge ends, but I do not have complete faith that it’ll actually happen. This is a Dutch translation of the English book, which might explain why it took so long to come in. I was quite surprised to find they had it on order at all.

Alphabet of Thorn - Patricia A McKillipAlphabet of Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip

I was talking to Kailana and Ana on twitter the other day and we suggested reading a Patricia McKillip together. This title came up, but it now turns out that Kailana won’t be able to get her hands on this, so we settled on another title by McKillip. Perhaps I will read this anyway though? I would like to, because it does sound really interesting, but it is the same old issue of time coming up again. I find it so hard to keep on top of my reading lately.

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Library Loot is a weekly meme co-hosted by Claire (The Captive Reader) and Marg (The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader) that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

4 thoughts on “Library Loot: June 2013

  1. Sam (Tiny Library)

    McKillip is supposed to be awesome! I’m trying out fantasy at the moment and I’ve seen some glowing recommendations of her. I have ‘Winter Rose’ on hold at the library, I’m looking forward to trying one of her books.

  2. Leeswammes

    Great selection. I took The Twin with me on holiday, but if it’s not an easy read, it might not be the one for the deck chair at the pool. I loved the book by Japin, I hope you do, too. It’s a very interesting insight i the clash of two cultures. Happy reading!


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