Sunday Salon: Once Upon a Time VII

Once Upon a Time VIII think this might be the first time I participate in the Once Upon a Time challenge hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. Strange how I have been a participant in Readers Imbibing Peril for a few times now, but never this spring event, even though the theme seems to suit me much better than the more grim autumn event:

Thursday, March 21st begins the seventh annual Once Upon a Time Challenge. This is a reading and viewing event that encompasses four broad categories: Fairy Tale, Folklore, Fantasy and Mythology, including the seemingly countless sub-genres and blending of genres that fall within this spectrum. The challenge continues through Friday, June 21st and allows for very minor (1 book only) participation as well as more immersion depending on your reading/viewing whims.

Once Upon a Time: The Journey

I am planning to read more than one book (which is the only requirement for this level of participation). Actually, I think I might aim for five books, which is the requirement for the Quest The First level, but being the shallow creature that I am, I have opted to participate in The Journey anyway. Not only because I feel it is the safer option since my life has been pretty busy and chaotic lately, but also because I love the title, particularly in combination with the image of the banner (so pretty!).

I have a semi-large pool of books to choose from, including:

  • Weight by Jeanette Winterson (Canongate Myth Series)
  • Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith ((Canongate Myth Series)
  • Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith (Canongate Myth Series)
  • Something by Eva Ibbotson
  • Something by Diana Wynne Jones
  • The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey (I know, it is a spring challenge, but the current weather seems fitting enough)
  • Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan
  • Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth
  • Sorcery & Cecilia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer
  • Deerskin by Robin McKinley
  • Son of Shadows by Juliet Marillier
  • The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley

Remember when I started participating in Fairy Tale Fridays last year (which seems to have been a dead meme, even when I began sadly), and asked you all for recommendations? Well, I will be looking at those too, as well as the library. More are always welcome! Also, do any of you have comic/graphic novel suggestions (aside from Fables)? Oh, and I could definitely do with suggested Mythology or Folklore reads!

Once Upon a Time Short Stories

I have been thinking whether or not I should do this, but the thing is, I have a couple of Fairy Tale collections on my shelves, and I think an approach where I read the books in chunks would work rather well. I have been thinking of doing so under the Fairy Tale Friday title, but this actually seems to work better and might give me a change to engage with others (which I sadly haven’t had time for much lately).

High up on my list are (they look so pretty):

  • Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales
  • Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman

Do these count as short stories? I’m suddenly a little unsure if they would.

Once Upon a Time Quest on Screen

Moreover, I’d like to participate by watching some movies and/or TV shows. There are quite a few fairytale based movies coming out (Hansel & Gretel, Oz, etc), I have a BBC DVD of modern adaptations of Shakespeare which I think might fit(?), I may persuade myself to watch Once Upon a Time season (but for some reason I am not terribly excited about it), and there’s always some Disney to rewatch (I know, probably considered sacrilege by some). I’m definitely open to suggestions for these! Also, I’m not sure if I am any good at writing about movies/TV shows critically (Amy is so much better at it than I am), but I might try (or simply give you a quick overview so as not to bore those who prefer hearing about books).

Are you planning to participate in Once Upon a Time VII? Are you as excited as I am? Making just as many (in my case unrealistic) plans?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Once Upon a Time VII

  1. deslily

    ohhh I really enjoyed Sorcery & Cecilia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot when I read the whole trilogy! I hope you get to read it and like it!!

  2. Lynn

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I hope you’ll enjoy “Son of the Shadows” when you get around to it! And “Deerskin” is a tough read, but quite well worth it.

    Do you like selkie tales? I have selkies on the brain at the moment, but if you do then I happily recommend “People of the Sea” by David Thomson. That’s a mix of folktale collection and travelogue.

    For graphic novels… Trickster edited by Matt Dembicki, if you can find a copy, is well worth reading. It’s a gorgeous collection of trickster tales, so it doubles as a mythology/folklore recommendation. Maybe “The Book of Ballads” by Charles Vess as well. That’s a collection of ballad retellings, but those are usually based on folktales, so….

    I’ve thought about participating at The Journey as well, but opted to go for Quest the First after all. I’ll be… very surprised if I don’t reach that. I have several (alas, probably unrealistic) plans for the Short Story Quest, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m having fun trying to do all the things and managing to get out there are comment on people’s posts, anyway. ^-^ Did you get any reading done over the weekend?

  3. cherylmahoney

    Whew, all sorts of great plans! I’m loving Once Upon a Time (the TV show) and if you like Disney…it’s SO MUCH fun! So many Disney references. Anything Diana Wynne Jones is always a good choice, and I feel like I’m seeing a lot of Juliet Marillier plans this year…which is nice, because she’s wonderful and I didn’t think she was particularly well-known! Sorcery and Cecilia is delightful, and I highly recommend Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles too.

  4. Debi

    This post is made up pure happy!!!😀

    I definitely think those collections would work for short story quest! I’m really hoping to get to the Philip Pullman collection myself…though I’m always hoping to get to waaaaay more than I ever reasonably can.😛

    I’m also thinking about trying out Once Upon a Time, if they still have it on netflix anyway. And I really want to watch Pan’s Labyrinth again. But yeah, I’m with you on the not really knowing how to write about TV/movies (though I’m pretty sure you’ll do a *much* better job of it than I will).


  5. Jenny

    You have awesome choices for Once Upon a Time! I’m excited to read what you have to say about them ESPECIALLY Deerskin because yay.

    For comics, have you read Bayou? I’m sure I’ve raved about it in the past but oh it just suits this challenge incredibly well. Be aware that it’s not a complete story at the moment, so you’d have to live with some uncertainty. Or also The Unwritten! It’s amazing.

  6. Susan

    Sorcery and Cecilia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot is very good!! I loved it when I read it years ago – I’ve read the other two in the series and they are a lot fun and quite good, but the first one is the best one in the series.

    I am so glad you are joining in for the first time, Iris. This really is a fun challenge! Almost anything goes, and fits in.

    By the way, if you have picked up the new release of The HObbit, that counts for films, too🙂

    You have a good list here. Deerskin is quite good, and I just read two by Diana Wynne Jones for DWJ month. I really want to get Angela Carter’s book of fairy tales, too. Have fun, Iris!

  7. Bellezza

    I loved The Snow Child as well as Bees and Mist. They were both beautifully written stories that look at love and family; two of my favorite themes.

    Your comment on my post about my son touched me quite deeply. Thank you for taking the time to leave it. xo

  8. jessicabookworm

    I am taking part in Once Upon a Time VII too! I have signed up for The Journey level because I don’t want to have too much pressure even though I will probably read more than one book. I look forward to hearing what you read🙂

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