Sunday Salon: Sunday Reading (& a short War and Peace update)

Happy Sunday! What are your plans for today? I think I am going to have a small read-a-thon for myself, where I cuddle up on the couch for a few hours catching up with all the reading I feel I missed out on this past week.

Sunday reading

High up on my list is finally making a start with War and Peace by Tolstoy. My copy of the book finally came in the post last week. I settled on the Pevear & Volokhonsky  translation, right before I saw this post about why Violet prefers the Rosemary Edmunds translation of Anna Karenina. Although I do not have any complaints about the translation thus far (she says, 10 pages in), posts like this always make me doubt if I chose correctly). Perhaps I’ll be able to reread the book in a different translation, one day. That would be interesting to do anyway.

Have any of those participating started War and Peace yet? Amy and I have two more things we’d like to remark on. First, we looked at the schedule after receiving a question from Tolstoy is my Cat, and we decided it might be better to change it slightly and read Book 1, part III for March, and Book 2 part I & II for April. However, feel free to read along as you see fit. Also, we’d love for you to post updates about your reading progress whenever you feel like it. Amy and I will probably do a short check in each month (probably towards the end of the month) and we’d love for you to discuss your reading there, but feel free to leave us your links so we can hop over and discuss over at your blog as well!

If I happen to get along with War & Peace today (or if not), I also have Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson, and the second half of The House of Mirth lined up to read. It’s cold outside. I have plenty of tea and a blanket inside. This promises to be a wonderful lazy Sunday.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Sunday Reading (& a short War and Peace update)

  1. Word Lily

    I hope you enjoy the translation you’ve got (and that you enjoy War & Peace!). Have a great day reading! I love the cover of your copy, that’s for sure.

  2. Victoria

    I haven’t read War & Peace, and I’m not sure what it would take to get me to do so, but that is a beautiful edition! Happy Sunday, enjoy your mini-read-a-thon🙂

  3. Liburuak

    I second Victoria! That’s a really beautiful edition, and your tea cup is also very cute. I hope you’ve been having a lovely mini-readathon for yourself.

  4. Bookworm1858

    I’m about halfway through the reading for January (in P&V’s War and Peace) and now I’m all nervous about choosing that edition. I am consoling myself that if I manage to finish it this year, I can always choose to read it again later in life with a different translation, which is kind of the ideal right? To read these classic books at different times in my life and get different things from them each time?

  5. Helen

    I’m reading the P&V edition too and have nearly finished this month’s reading. I haven’t had any problems with the translation and am enjoying the book so far!

  6. Alex in Leeds

    I’ve read this before (Briggs translation put out by Penguin) and plan to re-read it in the summer. With translated classics I normally go for a different translation when I re-read to stretch my knowledge of a book but I really loved the Briggs for clarity and atmosphere so I’ll probably stick with it.🙂

  7. Charlie

    I’d only had a copy of Anna Karenina about a month when I read Violet’s post and it made me doubt likewise. I suppose I’ve always trusted translations are good, though I should do more research really. Hope you had a nice Sunday!

  8. Richard

    Hope you enjoy your time with War and Peace, Iris! I finally read it in late November through late December last year and found it super engrossing during most of the book (I used the same translation you are). It reads fairly quickly despite its length.

  9. bookworm

    Wow your copy of War and Peace looks so pretty! When I read it almost two years ago I just got the only copy that my library had, and didn’t even notice which translation it was. I didn’t have any issues with it though. Except that it was so heavy to lug around with me every day haha! I hope you are enjoying it!


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