Thursday Tea: Slow Reading

thursdaytea-newThe books (or: which titles I have not been reading):  Remember when last week I posted how I had finished my first book for Long-Awaited Reads Month in under a day, and how I could not wait to get started on my next two booksThe Brides of Rollrock Island and The House of Mirth? Well.. I was excited, and I have been enjoying both books (although Lanagan’s more, but that doesn’t surprise me). The thing is.. working life started again, with social events keeping me up until late at night each evening so far this week. I was lucky to find 15 minutes to read each day, which really, feels like too little. Luckily, I have tonight off, and have been reading for *gasp* over an hour! I really miss being home and settling down with myself for a while and getting lost in a different world.

Anyway. This past week was eventful. I got my eyes checked and it turns out I am in desperate need of new glasses. Just as I was trying to find a new frame (have I mentioned that I hate the part where you have to decide on a frame that you will be wearing every day for the upcoming two years. Finding clothes I feel comfortable in is hard enough and you only have to wear those once in a while), the whole city centre lost its electricity supply.. so that was that. I travelled to where my parents lived because I finally found an optician I liked and trusted.. I guess I will try again soon. Anyway, since finding out I need new glasses and that my left eye in particular doesn’t seem to see much of anything with my current glasses, I have suffered from headaches and continuous tiredness (I did that before but just thought it was the stress of starting a new job a few months ago).

On Monday, I had a nerve-wracking day because I was nominated for a thesis prize that would be awarded in the afternoon. I was not nervous about whether or not I would win (I didn’t really expect to and was proud enough to be nominated), but mostly the thought that if I did end up winning, I had to give a speech in front of the whole faculty, wasn’t very conducive to my peace of mind. In the end, I did win (yay!) and didn’t need to speech, so I had nothing to worry about except still having a lot of attention focused on me that afternoon (I really need to learn to deal with that!).

On Tuesday I went to see Life of Pi in theatres directly out of work, and afterwards was too tired to do anything but sleep. (Have any of you seen it? How did you like it? I’d love to discuss!) And yesterday, I went to a modern ballet class with a colleague to see whether or not we want to take it during the upcoming semester, and afterwards I met up with friends for a few drinks. It was wonderful to dance again, although the formerly sprained ankle still means I have much difficulty keeping my balance, and it’s nice to spent time with kind co-workers outside of “office hours”.

Anyway, as for reading.. Hopefully I will do some more of that during the weekend. I’m almost done with The Brides of Rollrock Island. It is stunning. And there’s so much in there that I’m half afraid I will shrink from writing about it again, just like I did with the beautiful Tender Morsels.

What are you reading today?

Oh, right! As this is Thursday Tea (which I realise I have conveniently kidnapped by babbling on about personal issues), I need to tell you which tea I’m drinking. It’s Lipton’s Green Tea with Jasmine Petals. The weather has been unseasonably soft around here (though very wet), and Jasmine Tea just suits the feel of this “warmth” (yay, 10 degrees celsius!) I’ve been told it’s going to become cold from tomorrow onwards, so I guess next week will find me drinking lots of chai tea.

Thursday Tea is a weekly meme organised by Anastasia of Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog.

32 thoughts on “Thursday Tea: Slow Reading

  1. heidenkind

    Wow, congratulations on the prize! That’s very exciting. I would be twisted in knots over speaking in front of people, too.

    I also have been reading v e r y slowly, and I don’t even have an excuse. Oh well, it happens. The important thing is whether or not you’re enjoying what you’re reading, right?

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you! And yes, public speaking is not my forte.

      You’re right, the most important thing is enjoying what we’re reading. I guess the reason why I want to read quicker is because I have all these “long anticipated” reads lined up, and I’d love to read more of them this month.

  2. owltype

    Later today I will be starting on The Last Brother by Nathacha Appanah. Afterwards, I think I’ll read The Fault in Our Stars. I hope it’s as good as everybody says.

    1. Iris Post author

      Ooh, I’ve never heard of The Last Brother. I have, however, heard great things about The Fault in Our Stars. I do hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else. I hope to like it too, one day..

  3. Stefanie

    Congratulations on the thesis prize! I hope you find glasses you like soon! If you lived in Minneapolis I’d send you to my husband. He works for LensCrafters and loves to help people find new glasses. He helped me find a pair I really like over the summer. I haven’t seen Life of Pi but I want to!

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you! Oh, if I’d lived anywhere near I’d go to your husband. Picking glasses is so difficult and it’s good to have proper help picking them out.

      Life of Pi is worth seeing, I think, although the book had more impact back when I read it (but I was quite young back then, so I wonder if it wasn’t also the age?) The cinematography is wonderful!

  4. Claire (The Captive Reader)

    Congratulations on the prize, Iris!

    I have been reading very slowly this week too, which is frustrating because I am loving my current book (Trollope’s Framley Parsonage). But, like you, my distractions have all been pleasant (work, family, good weather) so I can’t complain too much!

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you Claire!

      Perhaps it’s just generally a slow reading week? Lovely books and great distractions are more important than fast reading though, as was mentioned above🙂

  5. Renay

    Well, when I wasn’t harassing you Twitter about the LBD, I am bouncing back and forth between One Piece/God’s War.😀

    Congrats on your thesis prize! Also, don’t shrink! It will be fine!

  6. Sharkell

    Congratulations on your prize, a huge achievement. I think this might be the first time I’ve commented on your blog, but I’ve been reading you since about September. (Sorry I haven’t commented before.) I am also currently reading The House of Mirth (what a coincidence!) and I am really enjoying it – I’m loving reading about the culture of the early NY society and comparing it to the society in Austen’s books. I also love how she develops her characters – they are very honest and frank. I must admit that I get a little confused from time to time with some of the dialogue. I have seen the Life of Pi and I loved it! It is quite similar to the book, which I read a few years ago. The acting and cinematography is superb and I really don’t know how they got the tiger to do the things it did on that lifeboat!

    1. Iris Post author

      Hello! It’s always fun to find a new commenter. I hope you won’t be shy in the future🙂 (that is, I’d love to “speak” to you again, if you want to).

      Definitely a coincidence that we’re both reading The House of Mirth! I have to admit that my thoughts about this book keep changing. Currently I’m really enjoying it, but there was a section that I had some difficulties with (although that might have been because I kept reading just a few pages before falling asleep and so I didn’t really get into the feel of the story for a while). You’re right, the society is definitely interesting. I can’t wait to continue reading it tonight.

      And thank you for the congratulations🙂

  7. Debi

    Congratulations on your thesis prize!!! That is so exciting!!! And awesome!!! And exciting!!! And awesome!!!
    I just finished The 10 p.m. Question, thanks to Ana–and I’m thoroughly convinced it will end up as my favorite read of the year!😀

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!! Yay!

      I really need to put The 10 PM Question on my wishlist, don’t I? Already a favourite for the year? That’s a very convincing recommendation.

  8. Eva

    I totally didn’t manage to do any justice at all to Rollrock Island. Oh well: guess I’ll have to reread it so I can write another post!😉

    Congrats on your award!😀

    1. Iris Post author

      Eva, I think your post about Brides was wonderful! But I will never say no to you rereading and discussing it again. Actually, I need to do that for Tender Morsels.

      And thank you🙂

  9. Alex in Leeds

    Congratulations on getting the prize! I love jasmine tea at this time of year, it reminds me of my Chinese grandmother’s kitchen which is perfect for this meh time of year!

  10. zibilee

    Woohoo on winning the prize for your thesis!! I also am envious of you for getting the chance to have a couple of drinks with friends and dance the night away! There is nowhere here to dance at all, unless you take private studio lessons. I also saw The Life of Pi, and thought it was really good, but sometimes slow. The book relied upon such a great amount of interior dialogue, but with the movie, all that was absent for the most part. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you🙂 I’m actually taking dancing lessons, although I’m not opposed to dancing the night away😉 (although that happens only, um, once a year or something?) We should have a book bloggers dance party (which is unrealistic since I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to the US, and then to a part where I might meet bloggers, but.. well.. we can dream).

      I agree about Life of Pi. I rermember loving the book (although it’s been so long since I’ve read it that I’m starting to doubt if I might like it still). The movie was stunning, but yes, slow at times.

  11. Leeswammes

    Congrats on the thesis prize! That is really very nice.

    What a busy week you’ve had. I haven’t seen Life of Pi but will probably go with some friends. I’ve never been interested in reading the book but I’ve heard the movie is good. What did you think?

    1. Iris Post author

      Thank you, Judith!

      I remember loving the book (Life of Pi), but it was years ago and I truly wonder whether it would have quite the same impact on me after all these years. The movie had stunning visuals, but was a bit slow at times, and doesn’t have nearly the same emotional impact as the book has. But still.. I think it’s worth seeing.

  12. readingwithtea

    So many comments! I feel very humble coming to chat to you at the bottom of this epic list.
    Glasses: yes, I found the experience of choosing frames for my very first pair of glasses just over a year ago fairly traumatic but I love them now. So glad I took P along though because when I tried on the pair I’m now wearing, I muttered something, and he said “that’s the first pair you haven’t said you hated or pulled a face at” so maybe take Bas along when you are trying the frames? Can you keep your old frames?
    Life of Pi: I loved the book when I read it many years ago but from memory it is 2/3 about him on a boat with a tiger and while it’s gripping to read, I don’t think I would appreciate the cinematography. Also someone said it’s not for people who get seasick and I really don’t want to be travelsick in a cinema!
    Not getting enough time to read: really sucks. I haven’t had any reading mojo in ages, actually – I read 2.5 books on New Year’s Eve and haven’t read a page since. Something about getting back into work, I think.
    Thesis prize: massive congrats, that’s huge for you! How are you enjoying your PhD? Fear not, #thesischeersquad will live on.
    Ummmm that’s probably enough from me for now. Bye!

  13. Liburuak

    Wow, congrats on your thesis prize! That’s really great! Like Yvann I’d love to hear about how you’re liking your Ph.D. experience so far. Are you enjoying it? I hope so!
    Regarding glasses… my eyesight hasn’t changed since I was 16, so luckily for me, glasses buying now only happens when I’ve grown bored with my old frames (i.e. about every 3 or 4 years). The time is coming up and I feel some conflict with Mr Liburuak coming on, as in, I want “nerd frames”, and he hates them. Good luck to you finding yours! And hopefully there will be no more power cuts spoiling your selection process!


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