January 2013: Long Awaited Reads Month

Or well, for Ana and me January will be.. The idea of “Long Awaited Reads Month” is basically summed up by reading books you have wanted to get to for forever, but that you have somehow never picked up yet. Do you recognise the feeling of putting off reading a book you know you will love? Or that you have been anticipating reading ever since its release or ever since you first saw it mentioned in the blogosphere? Or that was written by a favourite author, about a favourite topic, or promises to be the best comfort read? I know I do. And for no reason at all, really, except that it is always at the back of your mind as a book you feel you should read, and that you really want to read.. but then other reading commitments get in the way. Or you just don’t allow yourself the time to actually settle down and read it.

Ana and I were discussing how we end up doing this with a long list of books, and we decided that it was perhaps best to plan in a space of time in which we will allow ourselves to read all the books we have so long been desperately wanting to read. January, as an often dark and a little depressing month for both of us, living in the Northern hemisphere where the holidays are over and winter just won’t. go. away, seemed like the perfect time to plan on reading books that are (almost) sure to bring us joy.

The lovely Ana made a button, which shows a combination of some of the books we’re contemplating reading. Like Ana, I won’t be making a definite list of books I absolutely want to read during this month, but I do have some titles playing around in the back of my head, such as The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt and The Group by Mary McCarthy. We won’t be making this into an official challenge, but you are very welcome to join us as this is definitely a case of the more the merrier! It would be lovely to share our reading experience of books we have so long been looking forward to on either twitter or through a blog roundup or in whatever way we can come up with. So please, feel free to grab the button and join us.

26 thoughts on “January 2013: Long Awaited Reads Month

  1. Debi

    Love love love love love this idea!!! I am so happy that you and Ana came up with it! LOL–and the two books you mentioned could easily make it to my pile as well. And yep, both because of Ana!🙂

  2. Jenny

    I’m excited to hear what you think of The Children’s Book and The Group — I read them both last year (I think? or the year before?), and The Group made me infinitely grateful for living in the time and place I do live in. Actually, The Children’s Book did too.

  3. Charlie

    I’m officially in – said I would join on Ana’s post but have actually written a short list of books to get to so yes, most definitely joining you now.

  4. helen

    What a great idea! I haven’t read The Group – although I have a copy of it, maybe I should read it in January too? – but would love to know what you think of The Children’s Book. I am almost saying yes I’ll join in, and then remembering I have Horrible Exams in Dutch in January, so may be too busy weeping and revising to have fun.

  5. Nicola

    I do like the idea of a long awaited reads theme. My own challenges are Daniel Deronda by George Eliot and Vanity Fair by Thackery. Your post has inspired me to take up this theme!

  6. Danielle

    I think I would have too many books to choose from. I will have to keep this in mind though–as I am always looking for a good excuse to start a new book! (Or a book I’ve been meaning to read, as the case may be!).

  7. bibliomouse

    Fab idea! It’s something that I really need to do – new books tend to get read before ones that have been waiting for some attention for ages. If i have time in Jan, I’ll join in!

  8. lizzysiddal

    I won’t be joining The TBR Double Dog Dare this year, mainly because I have identified 5 new translated German Lit releases in January and I want to read them all! However, I can slot some long awaited reads inbetween those – and, believe me, there are some very looooooooong awaited reads in my TBR!

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  10. Laurie C

    I’ve failed miserably at the TBR Pile Challenge over at Roof Beam Reader this year, so I already have a list of books at least two years old that I was supposed to read in 2012, but good luck! I’m sure you will do better!

  11. Deborah Yarborough

    Iris, I have a similar idea about long awaited reads month. I’m starting after Christmas. My 2013 challenge is to start a blog. I have a twitter account @lilybluepond, that focuses on Young Adult literature. I like your Orange Prize winner challenge reads. My similar challenge is Man Booker Prize or long-listed reads. I look forward to reading, tweeting, and blogging with you in 2013!

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  13. Justine

    Summer in the Southern Hemisphere so not conducive to reading for a host of other reasons. But, having said that, I have had The Children’s Book on my shelf for such a long time and this seems like the perfect opportunity to crack it open!!

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