Pride and Prejudice in Comic Book Format

Pride and Prejudice – Nancy Butler (Author), Hugo Petrus (Illustrator) & Jane Austen (Original Work)
Marvel, 2009

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Boekenfestijn Leeuwarden, the complete haul

When I went to another edition of the Boekenfestijn [bookfest]  in June, the Pride and Prejudice comic book version was the book I was happiest about finding. Why? Because it was the biggest surprise among the books, the one I never ever expected to find, had forgotten about completely, and then there it was…

Pride and Prejudice comic among the haul

It was the cover image that sold me instantly. The drawing style, the girly-magazine-like cover that pokes fun at the “pride and prejudice as chick lit” portrayal we often find. I knew I had to own it.

Just look at the pretty cover images that were part of this interpretation of Pride and Prejudice:

Unfortunately, the artwork inside the book is much less satisfying. This should not be too surprising, when you realise that the covers were made by another artist; they were not drawn by Hugo Petrus, but by Sonny Liew.

Hugo Petrus visual interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, together with Nancy Butler’s unsatisfactory lifting of huge lines from the original texts which nevertheless made me feel that it didn’t do the complexity of the story justice, left me completely underwhelmed. Especially the facial expressions seemed completely unfitting to the characters. I simply do not want to picture Lizzy as follows [see to the left].

It’s unfortunate but true. As much as I still like the fact that I own this as part of my probably never-ending drive to own as many as possible Jane Austen related things, the book itself was a disappointment.

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13 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice in Comic Book Format

  1. Charlie

    Eek, yes, I was thinking the same about the facial expressions. Pity the story isn’t drawn by the cover artist, I agree it’s better, but the overall idea is rather fun and would surely make the book interesting to people who wouldn’t be otherwise.

  2. Leeswammes

    What a lot of books you bought! Wow! I restricted myself to 9 books at the recent boekenfestijn.🙂

    Nice to have this comic of P&P but what a disappointment about the drawings inside. Still, if you collect Jane Austen items, it’s just one you have to own.

  3. Alex

    I sign below everything you’ve just said! The covers are great, good details and graphic lines, but then it seems they just wanted to speed through the actual story. It felt messy and like they didn’t put much effort into it.

    It’s October and October means Boekenfestijn in Brussels🙂 I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again!

  4. Nicola

    Lizzy on Love, Loss and Living indeed! I do like the cover image, in fact I imagine Elizabeth to look something like that. As you say the artwork inside is not as good.

  5. Seth T. Hahne

    If it’s any consolation, Sonny Liew draws both cover and interiors for Sense & Sensibility. Unfortunately (or fortunately, to taste), his interior style is much more playful and exaggerative than the charming regal tone set in his covers. Nancy Butler adapts S&S as well, but she improves somewhat over her work on Pride & Prejudice. It’s not amazing, but it’s better. I don’t know how her later adaptations fared (e.g. Emma).

  6. Chinoiseries

    A comic rendition of P&P? That is amazing! I would still like to read it for myself, despite the slightly odd facial expressions… your haul is fantastic! I’ve just put myself on a book ban (because I’ve got too many unread books in the book case…) but when the Boekenfestijn hits Rotterdam in January, I will definitely go.

    Will you be visiting Leiden sometime, or do you correspond with your tutors via email?

  7. claire

    Iris, the covers are beautiful. Too bad the inside was done by someone else. Even if it weren’t that great of a comic, if the artwork was amazing it would’ve been redeemable. I was thinking of just borrowing from the library instead now. Thanks, Iris!


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