Dutch Lit Month Encore & Giveaway Winners

A very very belated post to announce that I finally opened the Dutch Literature in Translation Review Database. It can be found in the tap at the top of the page, or you can visit it directly here. There aren’t that many reviews on there yet, so feel free to add your own by visiting the form here.

Also very belatedly, I hereby announce the winners of the giveaways held during Dutch Lit Month (they have also been emailed – so check your inbox):

  • Congratulations Aarti, you have won an ebook-copy of The Book of Everything!
  • Congratulations Olduvai, you have won a copy of Repatriated!
  • Congratulations terri-maree, you have won a copy of Eep!

I hope to see you next year during Dutch Lit Month!

5 thoughts on “Dutch Lit Month Encore & Giveaway Winners

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations to your winners, Iris! I am so glad that Aarti was one of them. She’s a very close friend, and I am very happy for her!

  2. buriedinprint

    Here’s to the list of reviews growing and growing: congrats on such a successful event, and congrats to the winners too!


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