Monsters of Men

I am reading it…

“And what other kind of man would you want leading you into battle?” he says, reading my Noise. “What other kind of man is suitable for war?”

A monster, I think, remembering what Ben told me once. War makes monsters of men.

“Wrong,” says the Mayor. “It’s war that makes us men in the first place. Until there’s war, we are only children.”

Are you excited, Ana, Sandy, JillJenny, Alita? I will soon be able to DISCUSS & SHARE, and there will be no need for secrets anymore (I have a feeling there still are).

Hundred pages in, I am already such a mess of nerves & empathy.

9 thoughts on “Monsters of Men

  1. Sandy

    Go Iris go!!!! Overall, it is a fitting ending to such an amazing trilogy. Personally, I was a bit pissed at the emotional manipulation towards the end, but I got over it. I can’t wait to see what you think.

  2. Lu

    Oh I hope you love it. I read this one in a Read-a-thon daze, so I keep thinking I need to go back and reread it. Especially after I rereading The Knife of Never Letting Go so recently.


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