Sunday Salon: End of August and a Small Break

No, not a small break from blogging, but a small break from thesis writing for me. My boyfriend woke me up on Monday morning with the announcement that he had booked a hotel near Disney and that we were to leave in a few hours.

I tried to feature the pictures that show how happy this made me (although the first shows me looking scared because I’m driving in France for the first time). I spent three days skipping around, going “oohh!” and “aahh!” and boring my boyfriend with my endless pictures of every detail.

I was also reminded of how much I like Winnie the Pooh and the cuteness of Walle and how, as a girl, Belle was my favourite princess because she would read and dance at the same time.

Either way, I had a small break and I feel much better about tackling the last leg of my thesis now. I do wonder what happened to August, because it seems it arrived and now it is suddenly September and I have no clue how time is passing so fast.. But at least it has been sunny outside these last 2 days (finally, summer!) and it was sunny in France while it was raining at home (hahaa!)

Nothing much of interest from me, this Sunday. I’ll try to write a more intelligent post next week.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: End of August and a Small Break

  1. Jenny

    Kudos to your boyfriend who sounds amazing! And I LOVE that Belle statue!! Disney World here doesn’t have anything like that. Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite Disney movie and I have all kinds of Beauty and the Beast things at my house, lol.

  2. Jillian ♣

    I used to live in California. Mom and Dad would wake us often with the news that we were going to Disneyland that day. Some of my best memories! I think I’d feel as excited now.🙂 Glad you had fun!

  3. Emily

    Aw, what a caring & astute boyfriend. Sometimes a few days of total time off & carefree activities can do wonders for a person’s concentration when they get back to a long project. So glad you had a nice break!

  4. Sandy

    There is nothing wrong with a guy that surprises you will a trip to Disney! I love it. You know, we go to the theme parks all the time here, but that sense of youth and wonder never leaves me every time I walk through the gates. Grown-ups needs this kind of thing every now again.

  5. Amy

    How great that you were able to take such a fun break. It was very sweet of your boyfriend to plan that for you. I’m sure you feel rejuvenated and can get back to your thesis with renewed enthusiasm!

    I hope it’s going well!

  6. Shanra

    That is so sweet of your boyfriend! What a wonderful idea and break. It looks like you had a marvellous time and the absolute perfect weather for the visit! Good luck on the last leg of your thesis!


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