Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

Bloggiesta – Starting Line

This is my first time participating in Bloggiesta, but I’m looking forward to the learning experience. I have had a few extremely busy weeks and I have a few more of such weeks coming up, so I’d love to get things organised this weekend.

Here’s what I want to do:

  • Update challenges
  • Add a page for read-alongs
  • Improve my review policy
  • Take a look at my sidebar & reorganise it
  • Add a blogroll with the blogs I love reading (it’s hard to decide who to add, because I don’t want it to be too long, but I don’t want to keep anyone out either. So, I guess my first task is to decide on that)
  • Write up reviews for the upcoming week and figure out how the scheduling option works.
  • Finding out the options for Google Stats, or a different programme that might work with WordPress.

’ll probably be updating this post during this weekend. Participating in Bloggiesta means I probably won’t post regular reviews, but I’m hoping to get organised enough to have a fully operating blog again come Monday (I apologise once again for my lack of participation the past weeks: I’ve been struggling with my time & not feeling well physically). My weekend will probably be busy too, but I aim to spend at least 8 hours on this.