Thank you..

Regular posting will resume this week (hey, I managed to get three post scheduled this weekend, I’m so proud of myself!), but I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your very kind messages on the post about my blog anniversary! They were absolutely heartwarming and I am honestly a little stunned at how kind all of you are! I knew you were, but it still touched me deeply to read those words. I will take the time to respond to them properly during the upcoming week (so sorry I have not done so yet), but for now: thank you so much!

7 responses to “Thank you..

  1. Three posts, go you! I feel all triumphant because I managed one :P

    • Wait until you see the quality of the posts :P I’m actually quite nervous about two of them because they contain some politics and I’m not sure if I feel comfortable with that. Anyway.. Your post today was absolutely wonderful!

  2. I haven’t written a post (except for the Sunday one) in ages. I’m going to run out of stuff soon! Good for you…I need to find my mojo.

  3. Of course I’m several days late to the party, haha. Needless to say, with all the book squee-ing and the oh-my-god-wake-up-blog keening that we tend to do, I’m so very happy to have found you in the vastness of the internet. Hugs, and congratulations! And confetti!

  4. I didn’t get a chance to see your anniversary post, but I’m glad I saw this one!! I am so glad that you are still here, blogging away. I was a long time lurker, but your writing style captivated me, and made me come out of the woodwork to comment. It’s not often that that happens! I am repeatedly happy every time I open my reader and see a post from you. I always know that you are going to open my eyes to something new, and do it with an erudite style that you don’t often find on the web. Happy Belated Anniversary! :)

  5. This happened to me this last week and I missed blogging and reading your posts, so, so much! I’m glad I’m finally “back” :)

    And you’re welcome, it’s a pleasure to follow you.

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