Three Years..

Because of Easter last weekend, I missed my own blogging anniversary! As per the first of April I have been at Iris on Books for three years. Sometimes I can hardly believe it’s been three years already, I still feel like such a newbie – other times I cannot believe that I have not been doing this for longer, because it has become such a part of my life.

As it was Easter when I should have posted this, but really, because they are CUTE, a bunnies gif! (source)

I was going to write a long reflective post on what book blogging meant and still means to me, but I sadly don’t have the time because of crazy essay deadlines. The post might have been navel-gazery but I admit I think I need that every once in a while. Especially as lately there has been somewhat of a blogging existential crisis among some of the blogs I hold most dear, and I am afraid I am suffering from it myself a little bit. I won’t quit blogging, I think, because there are a million reasons why I keep returning, why writing blog posts makes me happy, and particularly why I have found a save haven among the people I me(e)t and interact with through blogging/twitter/tumblr/etc. Nevertheless, at times it is difficult to find the words, or the time. There are weeks when I get nothing written (or nothing read). This week is a particularly astute example. Other weeks I feel I am not sure why I bother at all. But then, I remember some of my amazing friends.. I think I may need to accept that blogging changes, that I change, that the community sometimes feels so fragmented, and that such change is inevitable..

Anyway, I never meant for this to be a mostly sentimental and pessimistic post.. What I actually want to say is: THANK YOU SO MUCH! to everyone who’s been reading or commenting, or simply there on twitter or elsewhere. Blogging has given me so much, more than I ever imagined. Hopefully, we will all still be here and healthy in a few more years, because I don’t want to miss a single one of you.

Phew, I think a navel-gazery post might have been a little more interesting, wouldn’t it?


36 responses to “Three Years..

  1. I love the cute moving bunny picture! And a very happy blogiversary. I agree with all your comments, both the pros and cons!

  2. Congrats, Iris! And what a great way to celebrate, with bunnies!! (Claps in excitement at the thought of cute bunnies doing cute things)

    Thanks to you for this blog and for taking such a different approach (feminism and religious studies) to your reading. Even though you may not notice, your knowledge about those two fields show up in every review.

    To 3 more years!

  3. Congratulations on three years of blogging. Very cute bunnies!

  4. Happy blogiversary! And why do you do it? Well, that’s up to you to answer, but I know I do it for myself, if that helps at all.

  5. I have to admit I read your blog long before I ever commented. I can’t seem to shake the whole being-intimidated-by-articulate-intelligent-people thing. Sheesh, one would think I would learn that intelligent and kind and down-to-earth and generous in spirit all go together pretty well by this time. Ana taught me that looooong ago, and yet I still find myself intimidated by people I don’t know. Anyway, I am so glad that I finally mustered the courage to comment…because unsurprisingly, I’ve found you and your blog to be a delightful, welcoming place to come. And I’m so very happy that you’ve got a million reasons to continue, because the blogging world would be less if you weren’t in it. Happy blog birthday!!!

  6. You and my daughter would be in good company together…she is crazy about rabbits and I am evil because I won’t let her have one. She must be happy with holding the ones at the shelter. And way to go on your three year anniversary! It is not an easy thing, what we do (and do for free). I’ve had a little bit of a meltdown myself and have made some decisions going forward. The friendships are everything in my opinion, and had I not started blogging I would be missing out on that!

  7. Congrats and happy anniversary! I will have my own anniversary post coming up next month and I’ve been thinking about what to write. I think it’s going to come down to something you said — blogging changes and we have to be willing to change in order to keep going :) I’m glad you’re still here.

  8. well done Iris and here is to many more years ,all the best stu

  9. Congrats Iris! I have to confess I have also been having a good hard think about what blogging means to me and where I want to go with it – and I’m only just approaching my first year of blogging! I’m glad you’re keeping going as you always give me great recommendations and plenty to think about.

  10. Happy, happy blogging anniversary, and here’s to A BILLION MORE YEARS. I’m so glad you started blogging and that we met as a result – I’m super proud to count you among my friends <3

  11. Congratulations Iris! I’m glad you still love it. It doesn’t matter if you write less, don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. I too like reading your posts very much and I’m glad you’re continuing. Here’s to the next three years!

  12. My 10-year-old son walked in as I started to read your post and said “Why didn’t you call me?” referring to the very cute rabbits :)

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary and for a wonderful blog, I hope the next years bring you a freedom not to worry about not posting or not reading and just sharing for the pleasure of it. I never seem to be able to get around to all the blogs I love to read and it is often all the more pleasurable to read a post from one who has been absent for a while. Life gets in the way – at least it does in mine, often :)

    As long as you are writing I’ll be reading. Bonne Continuation Iris.

  13. Bunnies! And congrats on three years!

  14. Congratulations Iris! Three years, that’s a fantastic achievement, and I hope there will be many more! I always love your thoughtful posts. And rabbits.

  15. Happiest of blogiversaries, Iris. I’m so happy you’re blogging!!

  16. Happy Three Iris :) I think you’re absolutely right! What matters is the connections made here…not how often we post or what we post about. Hope we have many more years from you :)

  17. A very happy third year to you, Iris! I’m glad that you continue to write and share your unique perspective with us. We all have our ups and downs, don’t we, but as long as you are getting something positive from it, stick with it! :)

  18. Happy blogoversary, Iris! I must have followed your blog for most of those years – I also started 3 years ago. Here’s to 3 more years!

  19. Congrats Iris! Having just celebrated the same three years myself, I have to agree with your thoughts on how long it feels it’s been versus how long it’s actually been.

  20. Congratulations Iris, here’s to many more years!

  21. Congrats on three years, Iris! You are one of my favorite bloggers, and I love seeing your posts come up in my feed — for as long as it’s fun for you to blog, of course! You shouldn’t do anything that you don’t enjoy. But happy bloggy birthday anyway, and many happy returns of the day.

  22. Congratulations, Iris, on your three years of blogging!!! I’m glad I finally found you ;-) I second most of your bloggers, who say that you should only blog if you want to, and enjoy it.

  23. Ok that last bit didn’t come out sounding right…..I meant more, that you said some interesting things about blogging and time and reading, which I certainly have gone through, and most bloggers who have been blogging for a while. So you aren’t alone…..I hope you find a way to loving blogging and being in your life, I’ve found that’s the best way it works. Here’s to figuring it out!!

  24. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Happy 3 Years! And yay you! I ♥ u!

  25. Congrats on three years! I hope there are many more ahead of you.

  26. Congrats, here’s to the next three!

  27. Yes, blogging is about being able and willing to ride the changes. And yes, it is worth the people with whom you can connect. Good for you for doing it for four years. And thanks.

  28. Happy anniversary Iris!

  29. Congratulations Iris! I think it’s ok to change how you blog since change is inevitable, especially in real life! And it’s definitely not all or nothing, bits and bobs is fine too. :) I look forward to reading your posts!

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  32. Congratulations, Iris. I only wish I’d been following you longer! :-)

  33. It’s interesting to hear that you still feel like such a newbie after three years (probably a little like how I picture myself as 10 years younger than I really am!). My blog is only 11 months old, but I can relate to much of what you’ve said. It’s hard to find the motivation to keep at it.

    Anyway, congratulations on three years! I do hope that you’ll keep it up. I really enjoy reading your blog.

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