Dutch Lit Month: Giveaway of Repatriated by Adriaan van Dis

Today I am offering my hardcover copy of Adriaan van Dis’ Repatriated. Not interested in this particular book, I have another giveaway open for a copy of Eep! by Joke van Leeuwen.

Repatriated - Adriaan van DisRepatriated is set during the years after the Second World War and the decolonisation of Indonesia. This story of a boy who remains unnamed is about his efforts to break free of the shadows of his family’s past. His father in particular suffers from the loss of his possessions in the Dutch East Indies, and is still haunted by his experiences during World War II. He raises his son in constant vigilance for war, while the boy’s mother and step sisters are trying to rebuild their lives with little to no money because the boy’s father is jobless. In all of this, the boy is lost between the gulf of not having shared his family’s experiences in Indonesia, the constant reminder of his father’s mental instabilities, and a wish to become his own person.

I very much enjoyed my reading of Repatriated. While the very last pages of the book leave something to be desired, the rest of the book offers a convincing story about the lasting impact of war and a family’s effort to rebuild a sense of normality. Want to know more? Check out yesterday’s review.

To enter, you have to:

  • be over 13;
  • leave a comment stating you wish to enter and providing a way to contact you in case you win (preferably an email address, this can be the email address entered to log in to comment, so only I will be able to see it. Be sure it is an address you check regularly!)
Please note that
  • the giveaway is open until midnight GMT on June 29th;
  • the giveaway is international;
  • the giveaway is open to those who are and who are not participating in Dutch lit month.
  • Those who have or are posting on a Dutch book in translation, or participate in the read along of The Tea Lords, will receive an extra entry. One extra entry for each post. There is no rush to know or enter the details for upcoming posts right now. You can come back and leave a follow-up comment with the appropriate URL on a later date during June. Also, please consider adding the data to the Dutch Literature in Review Database.

Good luck to those entering! The winner will be announced at the end of Dutch Lit Month, and will be contacted through email.

10 responses to “Dutch Lit Month: Giveaway of Repatriated by Adriaan van Dis

  1. This sounds like a very interesting book, living in a country that used to be a colony, it would be interesting to see how the author views decolonisation. I would love to be considered for this giveaway.

    • Hello terri-maree,

      I’ve entered you. I’ve kept the comment with your email address unapproved so that it’s not publicly viewable. I will however know how to reach you if you win :)

  2. Sign me up please, and thanks for enabling me in Japan to be eligible!
    Chris in osaka

  3. Hi Iris – after reading your review of this, I’d very much like to read it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Please sign me up for the giveaway. I’d love to read a book set in the Dutch East Indies (I’m currently reading something by Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer, and loving every word of it – not really Dutch lit of course but erm, related-ish).

  5. Thanks for this fine review and for the whole Dutch aLit Month. Since I have been reading books by those who were colonized, I’d love to read a book about the colonizers who left. I have been following you and learning lots even though I have trouble getting the books here in the USA. When I failed to get the Tea Lords, I ordered another by Haasse.

    Please sign me up for your give-away. Thanks.

  6. Yesss, please. :) Sounds like a good book. I’m not taking part in Dutch Lit Month (way too many 2012 challenges that I’m not completing) but I think I will be reading a Dutch book sometime this year… at least I think the author is from the Netherlands anyhow. The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving. Have you heard of it?

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  8. please enter me – thanks

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