Dutch Lit Month: Giveaway of Eep! by Joke van Leeuwen

The first giveaway for Dutch Lit Month consists of the book Eep! which I will order from the bookdepository for the winner of this contest.

Eep! - Joke van LeeuwenFrom my review posted earlier this week:

Eep! tells the story of Warren, a birdwatcher, who one day finds an unknown species under the bushes on a field where he is birdwatching: Is it a girl in the form of a bird, or a bird in the form of a girl? He takes the girl with wings home and Warren and his wife, Tina, decide to keep the child and raise it as their own. But they soon discover that raising a girl with wings is not as straightforward as raising a child. Especially when the wings make Eep long for the freedom to fly wherever she wants..

I thoroughly enjoyed this quirky, funny and moving story of a girl with wings who longs for freedom, but meanwhile also touches the life of many of the people she meets. Now, I want to give one of you the chance to read it.

To enter, you have to:

  • be over 13;
  • live in a country the bookdepository ship to. You can check whether they do in their help section;*
  • leave a comment stating you wish to enter and providing a way to contact you in case you win (preferably an email address, this can be the email address entered to log in to comment, so only I will be able to see it. Be sure it is an address you check regularly!)
Please note that
  • the giveaway is open until midnight GMT on June 29th;
  • the giveaway is open to those who are and who are not participating in Dutch lit month. 
  • Those who have or are posting on a Dutch book in translation, or participate in the read along of The Tea Lords, will receive an extra entry. One extra entry for each post. There is no rush to know or enter the details for upcoming posts right now. You can come back and leave a follow-up comment with the appropriate URL on a later date during June. Also, please consider adding the data to the Dutch Literature in Review Database.

Good luck to those entering! The winner will be announced at the end of Dutch Lit Month, and will be contacted through email. For those uninterested in Eep!, I have other giveaways coming up later this month.

* This is an affiliate link. If you buy a product through this link, I will receive a small percentage of the purchase price.

6 responses to “Dutch Lit Month: Giveaway of Eep! by Joke van Leeuwen

  1. This book sounds wonderful. Thanks for giveaway. Lomazowr@gmail.com

  2. I’d like to enter! :D
    email: ishashime@yahoo.com

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  4. The cover is quite entertaining, I’d love to be considered for this giveaway. email: terrirens [@] gmail [.] com

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