Sunday Salon: Remember That Hiatus?

I sort of broke the book buying hiatus that I set myself a month ago. Except that I did not, since the book I bought was one of the listed exceptions.

Astrid Lindgren: Haar Leven in Beelden ("Her Life in Images")

My boyfriend had wanted to buy me this book for my birthday, knowing my small obsession with Astrid Lindgren. I did not know the book excited, but apparently it was released to commemorate that she was born hundred years ago. It is a book in three parts, one part of which was written by Lindgren herself. Astrid Lindgren, Haar Leven in Beelden is a biography with a heavy focus on photographs. It didn’t end up as a birthday gift, because he wasn’t able to find a copy that was in good condition. We agreed that if we happened to find it one day, we’d buy it anyway. So, last weekend, when we were visiting my parents, we happened upon a copy in a used book shop. I am so glad I decided to list this book as one of the exceptions to the ban. I cannot wait to start reading..

[Sadly, I haven't been able to find an English translation: it is available in Swedish (obviously) and German]

One of the pages in the book, featuring a photograph of Lindgren and her partner taken 6 months before their wedding.

Apart from this one book,the hiatus from book buying is going really well. I do notice that, at times, I consider stepping inside the book shop and buying something, but I never yet caved. It will get harder now that my sister’s birthday approaches and I will have to order her present through the bookdepository.


In other, unrelated news: Amy is organising a Nigerian Literature Event around Nigerian Independence day on the first of October. She hopes bloggers will join her by posting on a Nigerian book between the 29th of September and the 3rd of October. She has lots of prizes on offer for those who participate too. I have made a selection of books and I hope I will finish at least one before those dates. Will you join? See Amy’s blog post for more information. The introductory post includes a review database full of suggested reading.

8 responses to “Sunday Salon: Remember That Hiatus?

  1. I greatly admire your resolve. But you do realize that this greatly motivates me to read really really good books, so as to entice you to break your ban? ;)

    Anyway, it looks as if this is a worthy break of thr book-buying ban. Also, hm, I haven’t read any Lindgren. Odd since you’re obviously crazy about her.

    • You do realise that every review of a NYRB classics makes me want to go on a shopping spree. Esp. since my attempts at that project are so inadequate compared to yours. But sure, keep on trying, it means you’ll be around a while longer :P

  2. I’m just starting a book buying band, and I don’t know how long I will honestly make it without buying something. :) But, I will try! And knowing you are in the midst of one too will make it a bit easier!

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Amy’s little challenge. For some reason, my google reader doesn’t show all the posts by the WordPress blogs I follow, and I can miss posts for weeks and weeks!

    I haven’t read any Lindgren, but now I really want to….after the ban. :)

  3. I think that is a completely reasonable exception. Enjoy your new book!

  4. It sounds to me (I used to work as an attorney, you know!) like you were able to purchase this book without breaking your ban! I definitely prize ingenuity! WHat a nice surprise it was for you to discover this book, too. I love good surprises like this!

    Amy’s Nigerian Lit Event really interests me…I seem to be committing to or thinking about scheduling many different reading groups, challenges, Amy’s “The Help” inspired reading, banned book week, so I have to get organized and see where I stand! Thank you for the reminder about Amy’s Nigerian Lit event.

  5. I find there are occasional wonderful exceptions to book buying bans and this one looks lovely! I hope someone publishes an English translation.

  6. Book buying bans are for breaking (spectacularly if possible) ;)

  7. Eh, hiatuses need to have some rules attached for breaking them, else it would be impossible! Also, thank you so much for posting about my project!

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