Short Explanation & Books as Comfort Food

Some of you may have noticed that I posted Book Acquiring Guidelines on Saturday, and then deleted them again. You see, I felt so uncomfortable sharing my ideas on how many books I will or will not allow myself to buy. I do still intend to follow through on most of them, as in: buying books that I specifically want, not so many impulse buys, not so many Wordsworth classics now that I have an eReader. And I do intend to read from my shelves this year. But then, I know I won’t be able to slink down my TBR pile to next to nothing. And I know that at times I buy books for comfort, and it works. For example, last saturday, after finishing up something that was very high pressure and had been grating on me all week, my boyfriend took me to the city centre with the express purpose to buy two Astrid Lindgren books from the book certificates I have had for forever. I want to collect all Astrid Lindgren books, in the Dutch series of books published called The Astrid Lindgren Library. I only have four at the moment, 2 of which I bought this Saturday, but I like the idea that I can ask them for birthdays and that I now have books I can buy if I receive gift certificates (I often find it hard to turn them in, I want the books I buy with them to be extra special, books in stores are often 2 or 3 times as expensive as online and I often simply forget to bring them).

De Gebroeders Leeuwenhart - Astrid Lindgren








The ones that I own are:

  • The Brothers Lionheart
  • Ronia the Robber’s Daughter
  • The Children of Noisy Village (I far prefer the Dutch term: “Bolderburen” to “Noisy Village”)
  • Mardie (Again, the trouble of translated fiction in which names differ everywhere, in the Netherlands this is called “Madieke van het Rode Huis” [Madieke of the Red House], while in Swedish it is “Madicken” – apparently, it are mostly the Dutch that like to change titles or add to them).

De Kinderen van Bolderburen - Astrid Lindgrenwit







This means, I will add Astrid Lindgren to my list of authors of which I want to read everything. I haven’t made the page yet, so I cannot link back to it, but I will sometime in the future.

In other news, I recently finished A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Finally! And to my surprise, the University Library owns a copy of So Long a Letter, so I will try to finish that one this month as well. I will also start The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood this week, for Virago Reading Week, organised by Carolyn and Rachel. I hope this title counts, my copy is published by Virago, but does not have the official Virago Modern Classics  green border. And it appears in some of the lists, but is not on the VMC website. Very confusing.

17 responses to “Short Explanation & Books as Comfort Food

  1. Yay for buying Astrid Lindgren!

    I have to admit I don’t like the English translation of Bullerbyn to Noisy Village. I like the Dutch better. Even though I don’t speak Dutch I think it sounds more like the original. I think a better translation into English would have been Rumble Village. Translations are hard though. And I really can’t understand translating names, especially Madicken which isn’t actually a name at all but rather a nickname :)

  2. I often buys books after a particularly stressful time rather than clothes! I actually remember when I used to have a TBR pile of 0 – 1 book! I only ever used to buy a book after I finished one. Now I can’t imagine not having a spare book at home, at work, in my bag, etc. I say it’s because of the internet (and not my weakening will power)!

  3. I do buy books for comfort too. I can’t help myself. It is either that or eat for comfort, so I would rather spend the pounds than gain them.

  4. I’m also a buyer of books for comfort. I do it less often these days, but it still makes me feel wonderful when I’ve just finished up a stressful patch at work.

  5. I wish more of Astrid Lindgren’s books had been available at my library when I was a kid. We had the Pippi Longstocking books, and that was it. :(

  6. I love Astrid Lindgren but it’s difficult to get anything other than the Pippi Longstocking books here. I used to try and introduce Pippi to the children I taught but she never really caught on. Perhaps there is something inherently Scandinavian about her.

  7. I love the covers of the Astrid Lindgren books. They are lovely! I just finished Vindication myself last weekend. Yay! I see you are reading The Summer Book in your sidebar. I received that for Christmas and I’ll be curious to read your thoughts.

  8. Congrats on the Vindiction completion! :)

  9. I have never heard of this author before, which makes me sad. Sometimes I think about all the fantastic not-translated books around in the world and freak out! I LOVE the covers- they are gorgeous. I absolutely think they are worth purchasing!

  10. Don’t worry Iris, The Edible Woman is on my list of Virago Modern Classics! So you’re good, but yes, it is a bit confusing, their website doesn’t list all the VMCs they’ve ever published, especially not many that have gone out of print and Virago does publish other books too… At least they’re all a lot of great female authors and I’m glad you’ll be joining us. :)

  11. I think there is definitely a comfort aspect in buying books, otherwise I think I would be more rational about it. It never makes any sense for me to buy books because I have so many already.

  12. Astrid Lindgren books are perfect comfort reading! I love the covers, they remind me of my own copies (a bit tattered now after all the rereads). My favorite is definitely Ronja, but they are all wonderful :)

  13. AL’s The Tomten and The Fox has long been one of my family’s very favorite books. Not many early picture books have had such an impact on our day-to-day language, where little snippets of the book come out of our mouths on a regular basis.

  14. I know what you mean, sometimes you need that pick me up a purchase can be. I’m such an emotional book buyer (and carb eater) – maybe we should ahve got some of those ‘break the cycle’ self help tapes before deciding to cut back ;)

  15. I understand. Sometimes there is a particular series or a particular author whose books you must own, must read as soon as they come out. I know that so many bloggers struggle with the amount of books in their TBR pile, and I’m lucky to be able to utilize the public library for many of the books I want to read. (I know that’s not an option for everyone.) But I also understand buying books just for fun. Don’t let buying guides rob you of that!

  16. The first thing I thought of when I finished my last essay was that I wanted to go out and get a book that had been released a few days beforehand. I’d said to myself that if I made a good effort with my essay I could do that. It was a good motivator.

    I also like to buy more expensive books with gift cards!

  17. Astrid Lindgren’s PIPPI LONGSTOCKING books were one of my main influences when I was a kid in the 1950′s. PIPPI was the first feminist I’d ever encountered and I didn’t even know it. I loved those books! How fortunate that you’re able to collect Lindgren’s work, Iris.

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