In My Mailbox: Classics

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I had forgotten that during my last weeks in Sweden, I ordered a few books from the BookDepository. So when two days before Christmas, these 8 books suddenly showed up, I was quite surprised. I guess these could count as gifts to myself. And after four months of buying no books (or well, okay, the 5 Swedish Astrid Lindgren books), I think I wasn’t at all wrong about going on a little splurge.

I am incredibly happy with the books that arrived. Most are Oxford World Classics, for my Classics Project 2011. One is Bright Star, a collection of all the poems and some letters by Keats, with an introduction by Jane Campion (who directed the movie titled Bright Star). This Vintage edition is very pretty.

But let me move on to the Oxford World’s Classics for now. Above are pictured three out of the seven that arrived. Just look at all the pretty covers! And since I am now finally reading a real OWC book, I can say I understand why everyone loves them so much. They are so easy to read, great page lay-out, surprisingly easy to turn the pages without creasing the cover (but that could be because I am reading a relatively small book right now, only around 260 pages):

  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – I have already read this on my ereader, but wanted to own it anyway. (behold how an ereader isn’t exactly helping me not acquiring new books), and I’m going to read the introduction before writing a post on the book.
  • Evelina by Frances Burney – This book has been on my holiday and birthday gift suggestion list for years on end, until I finally decided to just read it on my ereader. Loved it. Same story as above.
  • Memoirs of Emma Courtney by Mary Hays – Since I liked Evelina so much, I wanted to try more late 18th century fiction written by women. Also, this just popped up while browsing. Another good excuse to buy this: Mary Hays moved in the same circles as Mary Wollstonecraft did.

I also bought four books that I’m going to read for the Feminist Classics Project. These should cover most of the first five months, with the exception of the book I will be discussing in April: Herland. I couldn’t find an Oxford edition and have been in doubt what edition to buy:

  • A Vindication of the Rights of Men and A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft
  • On Liberty by John Stuart Mill – featuring “The Subjection of Women”, which Ana will discuss in February
  • Four Major Plays by Henrik Ibsen – featuring “A Doll’s House”, which Emily will discuss in March
  • A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf

22 responses to “In My Mailbox: Classics

  1. Oh, those are gorgeous! Must. resist. temptation. :)
    Happy reading !!

  2. I agree with Laura, those books are gorgeous and also a great selection. I think I am overdue for a re-read of Little Women.

  3. I have to admit I don’t see myself buying less books just because I have a kindle :) I have a love affair with the VINTAGE imprint and I have to admit I plan on buying quite a few books from there this year. I’m glad to hear that the OWC is a good version too because I am planing on buying a few of those as well :)

    I really look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Keats book because that’s been on my wishlist for a few months now.

  4. Totally gorgeous new selections you have there. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on these books. Happy OWC reading! :)

  5. Oxford World’s Classics are lovely, aren’t they? Great titles too, and you seem to be well prepared for the Feminist Classics Project. And funny to read this right now because I am getting ready to watch Bright Star in a few moments. Can’t wait. Have you seen it?

  6. I’m jealous. That’s an awesome haul — especially that you got both of Wollstonecrafts “Vindications.” I really want to read what she had to say for her fellow man. It was a turbulent time. I guess every age has its turbulence…

  7. wonderful selection Iris got the film bright star on dvd and some Keats in various collections and small vol of his work all the best stu

  8. Oh I am positively drooling over those books of yours, Iris! I love OWC covers – it has made me want to go on a little spree all of my own.

    Enjoy your reading 0f them and can’t wait to read your reviews.

  9. Those covers are gorgeous! Good luck with your classics challenge. I would like to read more classics this year too.

  10. These look great! Added a couple to my own wish list…

  11. The Oxford World’s Classics are beautiful. I’ve been planning to buy a few with some of the book vouchers I received for Christmas and, after seeing these, now I’m even more determined to do so!

  12. What beautiful books! And always great to get yourself a bit of a present :)

  13. I love OWC books, too! I had one for when I first read Emile Zola, and the footnotes and translation and everything made it such a wonderful experience. (The writing/story helped, too, of course.)

  14. I love the Oxford classics. They’ve really made book purchasing and obscure titles that much more enticing. I went on a little Oxford Classics shopping spree myself before Christmas but they’re taking their sweet time getting here (what, with all that snow, airport closures, Christmas and the New Year!).

    Happy New Year!

  15. I love that you got Swedish Astrid Lindgren books! :)
    The OWCs look really good, I don’t think I own any of those . . . must change that! Though I’m afraid every book creases when it suffers through my handling ;) Also, very embarrassing, but I’ve never even heard of Mary Hays, so I’m glad your post educated me!

  16. What gorgeous looking tomes! I totally understand your desire for ownership of these beauties.
    I myself am trying desperately to cut down on the paper and simplify things. I have books coming out of my ears!

  17. Holy cow, that’s a lot of classics! I’ve heard Evelina is great.

  18. I love love love the way all the books look together! What a great collection!

  19. Those are just beautiful! I’m really trying to cull my personal library because all six shelves in my room are stuffed to the brim, and I have more books I have yet to unpack from my move (which occurred over a year ago). I do collect the Borders Classics, but they’ve since changed the formatting so that was pretty short lived.

  20. You got so many great books! Little Women was one of my favorites when I was young.

  21. oooo so pretty. I too love the beautiful Oxford World Classics. And I just love classics in general, what a fun year it will be.

  22. What lovely pictures! I lurve OUP’s current publications.

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